Aspen Brewing Company

I spent a week in the mountains on a Hut Trip without cell or Internet srvice. So what’s the first thing I did when I returned to civilization? Aspen Brewing Co. of course!
Aspen Brewing is a small brewery, with a great locals feel and the sweetest pit bull puppy wandering around. While I was at Aspen Brewing I had a couple of their tasters on tap (which was only four at the time), and had a great burger from the restaurant downstairs.
On the second story surrounded by shops in downtown Aspen, with a fantastic view of the slopes, I’m sure Aspen Brewing Co. throws one hell’ofa après ski party!Conundrum Red Ale has a sweet malty profile with a bit of caramel, with a finish of light hoppy bitterness. But, not as hoppy as a pale or IPA. As I love porters, I also tasted – and enjoyed their Pyramid Peak Porter (named for, well Pyramid Peak in the Elk Mountains, 14,018 feet). It’s a bit smokey, definitely malty, dark (black malts) and smooth! And then of course I had a pint of the Independence Pass IPA. A good IPA for hop-lovers. Hints of citrus, ending with a smooth finish and a nice libral-hoppy bite. Another of their regulars is the Ajax Pilsner, which I didn’t try, but it’s worth mentioning that Ajax is Aspen’s local name for Aspen Mountain.
Aspen Brewing Company
304 E. Hopkins Ave.
Aspen, CO, 81611
(970) 920-2739

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