Beer Gift Ideas for Beer Lovers

5 Beer Gift Ideas for Brew Lovers Who are Feeling Blue

Down in the dumps? We know exactly how it feels – a relationship that ended, non-stop stress at work, creative block, or any other possible reason for losing your best self. For beer lovers, there’s nothing a cold bottle of a classic favorite can’t fix. Plus happy points when sharing that drink with a good listener or someone who can crack your ribs in laughter!

No matter why a buddy or someone special is feeling blue, here are craft beers they should get to the bottom of to help cheer them up! 

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Rogue Mocha Porter Deluxe Bouquet

Beer is like men’s equivalent of chocolate for women, right? This beer bouquet with a kick of mocha and chocolate notes is more interesting with gourmet picks like olive oil & sea salt crackers, Kettle sea salt & vinegar potato chips, and Duke’s original shorty sausages. 

O’Douls Party Bouquet of Beer

Sometimes, it’s nice to just talk things out with friends until you feel better. This bouquet of O’Douls has the taste and aroma of beer sans the alcohol content. It’s a safe “near beer” experience to avoid drunken phone calls or messages you might regret later.

IPA Gift Tray

Maybe your pal found out about an ugly truth – so here’s something “ruthlessly delicious” as the brewery tags it. There’s nothing like downing ice-cold bottles of Lagunitas IPA and munching on artisan snacks on a long day. 

Hop Knot IPA Party Box

Something unexpected happened? Cheer someone up with this knot-so-typical beer bouquet. Each bottle comes with 5 hop varieties. The result? A bold yet crisp flavor that could be exactly what anyone needs to power through for another day.

Founders Centennial IPA Beer Party

Hoping that these sweet-yet-balanced flavors in a bottle of frothy craft beer can make up for whatever your buddy is going through. This bouquet also comes with a variety of cheeses and crisps to make the conversations longer.

Which one is your pick? Try out other beer gift baskets that can spark joy to their recipients – yourself included. 😉Snag cool gift ideas for different occasions from Jet Gift Baskets for upcoming celebrations of friends and family!

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