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Sampler at Crabtree
Crabtree Brewery is a great little brewery in Geeley, Colo. about 50 from downtown Denver. It’s a bit of a hike, but well worth the trip.
Let’s talk drinkable summer beers at Crabtree. I’ll start with the Head Turner Blonde Ale. Head Turner Blonde is an ale brewed year around. At 4.8% ABV this blonde has a crisp and clean flavor with a light floral aroma. It’s smooth and drinkable.
On to a few of Crabtree’s seasonal’s. As I am not too much of a fan of Belgium style beers the crisp and smooth Saison really surprised me. I loved orange blossom and honey flavors, with slightly bitter and a mildly sweet finish. I picture myself sipping on this Saison on a boat on a hot day. ABV 4.8%.
On to another seasonal Schlampig Pfirzig (Berliner Weisse). I was expecting a typical weisse style beer, but I didn’t get that. It was a light, crisp wheat sour, I got hints of lemon. I can describe it similar to a shandy but without the carbonation. I was not one of my favorites; I’m more partial to darker, more malty sours. ABV 4.3%.

The Boxcar Brown (ABV 5.2%) is a really fantastic robust nutty, chocolate notes, this English brown ale will leave any beer drinker satisfied. Crabtree’s Serenity Amber Ale that is unfiltered, slightly hoppy, with a great malty finish. ABV 6%.

I’m moving on to my two favorites, and if you can guess what styles they are, cheers! Jeff’s Pale Ale is a classic style pale that is dry hop for a week. Crisp, smooth and delicious at 5% ABV I’d call it one of my new favorite pales.
We’ll not leave out the Oatmeal Stout. I love oatmeal stouts, and Crabtree’s is truly fantastic. Dark, rich malt flavors and great chocolate notes, I really enjoyed this velvety smooth stout…oh and it’s 7.5% ABV!
625 3rd St # D
Greeley, CO 80631
(970) 356-0516

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  1. Both the pale ale and the oatmeal stout are my favorites too. I will drink the stout any day of the year. It is by far my favorite beer of any brewery.

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