Great Divide

Great Divide Brewing in Denver, Colo. has quickly ranked itself in my top breweries. I would consider Great Divide my “Cheers.” The bar area is small and always packed, but I am always greeted with a smile and called by my first name. Countless good Happy Hours have been had in the taproom and on the patio.
“Great Divide has a great urban energy. The local beer drinkers have really formed a community.”
Not only is Great Divide a good atmosphere, they have really delish beers. Great Divide has earned 17 Great American Beer Festival medals and 5 World Beer Cup awards, and has been ranked 8th in’s 2010 “The Best Brewers in the World” and was ranked 7th in Beer Advocate’s 2009 “All-Time Top Breweries on Planet Earth.” What does that say about the beer?
Some of their seasonal include the Imperial Yeti (it’s like a dessert!), Hibernation Ale, Smoked Baltic Porter (traditional malts and smoked malts), Fresh Hops, Hercules Double IPA, and yummy, yummy Rumble (caramel, malts and hops…served with a hop in glass, if you’re lucky!). 
I truly enjoy their seasonals, though their regular year-around taps cannot go unmentioned. The Titan IPA, Wild Raspberry Ale, Yeti Stout, Claymore Scotch Ale and Denver Pale Ale (DPA) are some of their regular on tap and bottled beers.
Now of course there are several that I have not mentioned, and if I were to go into the descriptions of each, because I have tried them all, I could go on for days. But, Great Divide truly satisfies a whole realm of beer drinkers, from the light beer lovers to the thick heavy malty beers to the hops lovers like myself. 

Great Divide has a great urban energy. The local beer drinkers have really formed a community. It’s located in an older building in downtown Denver. No food is sold at Great Divide, but they have been incorporating local restaurants set up on the street to accommodate their loyal beer lovers.


2201 Arapahoe Street
Denver, CO 80205
(303) 296-9460


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