Lips of Faith La Folie 2010

My first experience with sour beer at the Great American Beer Fest 2010 was well, sour. I will admit I was not a fan. But, like any beer lover, and samples at the 2010 Beer Bloggers Conference in Boulder, Colo., I had a second coming.

New Belgium Lips of Faith La Folie  brown sour ale is refreshing! With only 18 IBUs, it’s not hoppy, but has malty and chocolate notes and a great cherry flavor. It is a wood-conditioned beer in French Oak barrels, which are aged between one and three years before being bottled.
I wouldn’t recommend this beer for new beer lovers. I would say it is more of an acquired taste. But, do not let me stand in your way of trying delicious beer.
I would pair the La Folie with cheese (goat or brie) as an appetizer before Thanksgiving dinner (duck would pair well as well).
As New Belgium would say, Folly Your Folly.
New Belgium Brewing Company
500 Linden
Fort Collins, CO

4 thoughts on “Lips of Faith La Folie 2010

  1. Goodness yes…I found my bottle at Mayfair Liquors (by the King Soopers on 14th and Krameria.

    1385 Krameria Street
    Denver, CO 80220-2729
    (303) 322-0810


  2. Hey … thanks. I'll have to give them a try this weekend. I had my first La Folie at GABF this year too. Just loved it. Also loved their Eric's Ale (which I also cannot seem to find anywhere). To be honest, I never really tried sour beers before GABF, and I obviously didn't know what I was missing.

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