Rockslide Restaurant & Brewery

Sitting in the midst of the beautiful Grand Junction, Colo. is Rockslide Restaurant & Brewery.

For lunch time, Rockslide’s bar was relatively full. Locals belly-up to the bar for lunch and a pint. The bartender is quite engaging, and personal beer steins are on shelves as part of the Mug Club. As a Mug Clubber, you receive a membership card, frequent buyer reward points, members-only discounts, half price food and a coveted recognition plaque—pretty cool of you frequent Rockslide.
Widowmaker Wheat is an unfiltered American Wheat beer with great flavor—even though I’m not a huge wheat fan, it’s worth a try. Another wheat mentioning is the Raspberry Wheat or the Kokopelli Cream Ale, but I would suggest these on a hot summer day relaxing on the patio getting some sun. Rabbit Ears Amber Ale is lightly hopped and has a nice amber color with a slight sweet malt flavor. Of course, I can’t go without mentioning the Big Bear Stout, smooth, with a slightly bitter finish.
Cold Shivers Pale Ale, because pales are delicious, this one is excellently hoppy with intense flavor and a nice aroma.
But, you must go into Rockslide for their seasonal brews—I was in for their Holiday Porter, and of course, I love porters. They say you must come and try the Honey Blond Ale.
Rockslide is a great place for a good time and hand crafted microbrews.
Rockslide Restaurant & Brewery
4th and Main, Grand Junction, CO
(970) 245-2111

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