Skora Form Minimalist Running Shoe

What a fantastic shoe! The Skora Form is made with soft sheepskin leather interior, the zero drop and 13mm stack height of shoe makes for a true “barefoot” or “minimalist” running shoe. It’s built for road running and non-technical trails (which I put to the test)! I tried the Form in city parks (which the Form is perfect for), city roads, and desert mountain trails. As for trails, you can feel every rock beneath your feet, the leather holds up and is durable against rocks.

Have you ever had pain on the top of your foot from the lacing on your kicks? The Form is incredibly lightweight and features a glove-like fit, no-tongue design (super cool!) that laces diagonal on the foot, rather than down the center. I loved this feature because I usually get a red mark on the top of my foot from some shoes.

photo_1Altogether, I love the Form. It’s truly strengthening my fallen arches and ankles. The only pitfall, I would not wear these  for a half marathon. The balls of my feet get sore after 6 miles.

Let’s talk beer! I ran a delightful trail in Phoenix and then ended up at Sun Up Brewery (which I formally know as Sonoran Brewery). After a 1,000 gain on Piestewa Peak (formally Squaw Peak – as I still refer it as), I had a great sampler: Armadillo Red Ale, Light Rail Cream Ale, Stinger Pale Ale, Sun Up Amber, Trooper IPA, Vanilla Porter.

Buy now: $185.00

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