White Sierra Tee & Capri’s

I love me some trail running, and I’m alway on the lookout for the latest and greatest, most functional, comfortable and best priced gear. I recently received White Sierra Tee & Capri set. I’m not just saying it, to say it, I really mean it…they’re my new favorite running clothes!

x3536w_deepperiwinkleThe Day to Day Tee is made with a moisture-wicking, breathable pack panel with stretchable side panels. What exactly does that mean? This tee is super comfy soft as heck!

Day to Day Tee -Deep Periwinkle

x8507w_blackThis Day to Day Capri is a comfortable elastic blend, that is super solft and perfectly conforms to the body – any size. This capri is a mid-rise – so no muffin topping or booty showing! I find that really important when I’m working out. I’m not trying to get hit on when I hit the trails – I’m there to get my sweat on!

The capris have breathable back knee mesh panels, small internal coin pocket, which I never see the use for, but it’s there. I try and fit my chapstick in it – don’t forget about it and wash/dry it! They’re fitted leg with a 19″inseam (just below the knee).

Day to Day Capri


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