Asian Pilsners and Lagers

I recently camp back from Asia. While I was there I went to Tokyo, Bangkok and Hong Kong and was able to try a couple different local beer from Japan and Thailand. I am not a pilsner or lager fan, but hey, when in Rome…I mean..

Singha Lager Beer

Their claim is “The Original Thai Beer Since 1939). This lager pours a pale
photoyellow color with a small head that fades quickly. It’s light body and crisp with a mile bitterness and fairly clean finish. Mid-summer, extremely hot and humid, this is a good beer to ease the hot tropical climate.

Suntory Pilsner

photo This Japanese pilsner is in pursuit of the perfect premium beer. The beer is clear yellow in color and has very slight visible carbonation. With hints of grainy malts some sweetness on the nose and a light amount of bitterness is present – it is a light-bodied and a bit dry, but spot on for a pilsner. Nice for a hot summer day by the pool (as I did!)


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