Beer and Food!


Denver is know for beer – you’re probably thinking, “Well duh, it’s the Napa Valley of Beer!” But, Denver also has an amazing foodie scene. I’m no food critic, but I do love beer, and I love to pair delicious meals with beer. So here I go!


Great Divide IPA is a crisp, clean and full-bodied refreshing IPA – one of  my favorites in the Denver area. I love to pair it with the Pistachio at Marco’s Coal-Fired Pizza. Yeah, pistachio pizza! It’s pistachio cream, fresh mozzarella, sweet Italian sausage. Marco’s is certified by the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana, the only VPN certified pizzeria in Colorado – aka really awesome Napoleon style pizza.

2129 Larimer Street, Denver, Co 80205

IMG_1855Ever had Rhino a pale ale by Breckenridge brewery? Well, it’s produced exclusively for Earls Restaurant from Breckenridge. I paired it with none other than a 1½ pound Atlantic lobster served up with succulent prawns, IMG_1851grilled corn cob, fingerling potatoes and drawn chardonnay butter for dipping! Yes, that’s right, beer can even go well with lobster! Eat your heart out!

8335 Park Meadows Center Drive, Denver, CO 80124

Parallel SeventeenFinally, there’s an amazing assortment of beers at Parallel Seventeen. Parallel Seventeen is an upscale Asian bistro serving French-influenced northern Vietnamese dishes (BeerSnobSister just moved to Vietnam!). Staying local, I paired my pan seared scallops, creamy polenta, wilted greens, lemngrass marinated gig ante beans, pancetta and Asian romesco with Great Parallel SeventeenDivide Hibernation – a deliciously robust, marly dry-hopped ale.

1600 E 17th Ave, Denver, CO 80218

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