Deschutes Once-A-Decade Ale Jubel 2010

One day while celebrating my kid sisters 21st birthday…I was visiting a local liquor store in Minnesota with my father. It just so happened that Deschutes was serving up burgers and brats and sampling some of their amazingly delicious beers, and rare seasonals. I was fortunate enough to either convince the rep I was a fan…and a beer snob…and ended up winning the rare Once-A-Decade Ale Jubel 2010.

2010 is only the second time Deschutes has ever bottled this immortal libation, as they call it. The only other time this special brew was bottled was to celebrate the new millennium as Jubel 2000.

Now, I didn’t actually drink this right off the bat. I kept it in my parents’ fridge for a couple months. Why? Perhaps a reason to visit Minnesota and have an excuse to drink beer with my father. I tasted this super maltly, yet pleasantly hoppy  aged in oak pinot barrels, and I tell the truth…my world stopped. I cannot describe how delicious this beer is! I cannot wait to have the chance in another 10 years to taste the next amazing creation.
Thanks Deschutes!

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