Goat Patch Brewing

I made an attempt to climb a 14er this past weekend, but due to fires in southern Colorado, the road was closed on the way leading to the trailhead. What does that mean? Hey, if we can’t hike, we drink beer!

Goat Patch is just a great name, therefore I had to check it out. Who doesn’t love goats? Goat Patch is located in Colorado Springs, which is south of Denver by about 70 miles. I did learn that while goats are cool, the brewery is named for the owners apparently epic goatee aka the “goat patch.”

I tried a handful of IPAs. A) I love IPAs B) it’s been dang hot and they just go down so easy. 🙂

The GP staple IPA, called “IPA,” is a typical American IPA brewed with a variety of hops at 6.6% ABV and 60 IBUs. The Tangerine IPA at 5.1% and 76 IBUs is a refreshing pale ale brewed with tangerine peels! Hop Punch IPA is 6.4% ABV, 40 IBUs with a variety of hops and the Goat Patch blend of hefe/saison yeast. For something a little different (don’t typically like fruity/sweet beers) I decided to try the Strawberry Milk Ale at 6% ABV, 7 IBUs is a hazy, strawberry ale brewed with milk sugar and the Goat Patch blend of hefe/saison yeasts.

If you get a chance, check them out for a chill ambiance and a refreshing brew.

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