Backcountry Brewery

Backcountry Brewery in Frisco, Colo. is a perfect location in the beautiful Summit County. Near Breckenridge, Colo. it sits in near a lake, mountains and is surrounded by backcountry mountains and ski resorts.

After a long hard day of skiing or boarding I enjoy the atmosphere of Backcountry Brewery. They have a wonderful food selection, beer selection and great service. I love to sit at a high-top in the bar or by the fireplace. The staff is always chatty and has great recommendations (they may even offer you a free car bomb to try out their stout—hummmm that’s a hard one!).
From my previous posts you will know I’m not a huge fan in wheat beers, but Backcountry produces a pretty good light and refreshing Wheeler Wheat. It’s a good quencher after a hard day of adventure seeking. I recommend a slice of orange!
Telemark I.P.A. a darn good Indian Pale Ale— and the 2000 Gold Medal Winner at G.A.B.F. It’s a nice copper color with great bitterness. Completely love it. Switchback Amber is smooth and malty with a decent hops aroma. Peak One Porter is a great one to sip on after a long day of boarding. It’s dark, creamy and really balanced.
My favorite is a seasonal, the Breakfast Stout. You now have an excuse to drink for breakfast. It’s thick, dark, creamy and filled with oats and a full-bodied coffee flavor. Although I didn’t have it with breakfast—it’s sure made my day.
The Backcountry Brewery
720 Main Street, Frisco, CO 80443
(970) 668-2337

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