Holiday Gift Guide

For The Wannabe Frat Guy: Crownhole ($19.95) is an addictive game that combines the luck and skill of cornhole and quarters. Historically, beer caps were referred to as “beer crowns,” which inspired the name behind the game.  Perfect for bar top, desktop or tabletop, Crownhole is the best party game.

For the City Slicker: Wood City Maps ($49.00) are special edition Beer Cap Maps honoring special cities in the U.S. where beer and brewing help define and refine the culture. The maps are the same size as the state maps but the maps of the cities are exaggerated to highlight the city. Cities include Austin, Boston, Chicago, Denver, Grand Rapids, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Portland, San Diego, San Francisco, and Seattle.

For The Friend Who Likes A Challenge: One of their newest products is the USA Puzzle Map ($199), a 48 piece Beer Cap Map that spans a whopping EIGHT FEET and fits precisely 979 caps. The massive map fits together like a puzzle. If you don’t have that many caps lying around, you better get drinking! It’s important to have goals.

For The HGTV-Addict: Those looking for a sleek and chic addition to their décor should purchase a Metal State Map(from $49).

For The Water Cooler Colleague: Perfect for a Secret Santa gift at the office holiday party, these wood coasters ($24) will keep the water rings off their desk and also serve as a bottle opener.

For The Frequent Flyer: Gift the world traveler in your life with a Wood Country Map ($75) to help with collecting caps from across the globe.

For the Friend with Monogrammed Towels: Customizable Crownhole ($24.95) – Upload your own image, logo, or favorite photo to customize your boards.

For the Tool Lover: Flat Capley Magnetic Bottle Opener ($14.95) – This handmade opener won’t bend, dent or splay open your caps. It’s the perfect opener for your map.

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