Mountain Sun Pub & Brewery

Mountain Sun Pub & Brewery, located in Boulder, Colo., and where else, but on the fantastic and artful Pearl Street. Beer, Food, Music, Love: What else do you need? Is what is on their Web site, and I could not agree more.

First off, what a great location for a brewery, on the base of the Rockies, perfect for a post outdoor rock climb. Mountain Sun Pub & Brewery is a great location for casual diners and beer drinkers. For a Monday night, I could not believe the crowd in the small establishment, but in all, the packed in crowd makes the experience and Mountain Sun worth it.

As for the service, it could have been better. I think through the course of an hour we had about four servers (maybe five!). After ordering food and drink, I looked around to see if our pitcher was being poured, it was not. The staff does have fun though; they take breaks at the top of the hour for a few ounces of beer. Got to love that part of the job!

Worth the wait for beer! After trying their wheat, which I was not too impressed with, I ordered the Isadore Java Porter. I do believe I’m in love. It was one of the best, or even, the best porter I have had.

For the Boulder hippy atmosphere and a great porter, Mountain Sun Pub & Brewery is a great brewery.

Mountain Sun Pub & Brewery
1535 Pearl Street
Boulder, CO 80302,
(303) 546-0886

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