Firestone Walker Brewing Company

Pale Series and Limited Solace.

I was pleasantly introduced to the well make Firestone Walker Brewing Company by their fine Denver rep. She’s fantastic! And this month, Firestone Walker is finally distributing in Denver (and Colorado as well). 
FW prides themselves in their pales, and if your familiar with my likings, you better believe I loved every beer I tasted. I was fortunate enough to try their pale series, which includes the DBA (Double Barrel Ale), Pale 31 and Union Jack. 
Walker’s Reserve Porter
The DBA won the silver medal at the GABF in 2010. Great hop flavor with mild vanilla and oak flavor. It’s their flagship, so of course they pride themselves on it. Pale 31 has one several gold medal awards itself. A great American pale ale with that beautiful aroma of floral hops and a clean finish; quite tasty. And the last of the pale series is the Union Jack, another gold medal winner at GABF a few years in a row. This IPS is a kick-in-the-pants-good, but very drinkable. With citrus and pineapple flavors, deeply hopped, 7.5% and and over 70 IBU’s it’s an IPA to hang with the best-of-the-best. 
Now on to a special…Walker’s Reserve. This is a dark ale (porter) with toffee, caramel and bittersweet chocolate flavors. As any delicious porter should also feature oats and barley to make an excellent porter. The Special Limited Release Solace is a great warmer weather (which the whole country has been experiencing this summer!) unfiltered ale. Typically I’m not an unflitered beer drinker, but the Solace is a tasty beer with citrus and clove (ummm delicious) aromas. I really did enjoy it on a hot summer day. 

I’m truly excited to see Firestone Walker distributed in Denver. Let’s hope they expand elsewhere. 

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  1. FW is a great brewery. I have been able to trade for a few of their beers from out here in Ohio. Walker's Reserve Porter and Parabola are amazing.

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