Amicas Chile Ale

Being from the Southwest, I love everything hot. From summer, to men, to beer. I’m highly attracted to chili beers. If a brewery has one, I’m going to order it. Now it’s hard to do a chili beer right. In a liquor store, I came across Amicas Chile Ale from Salida, Colo. Of course, I ceased the moment. 

Amicas Green Chile Ale has a great serrano chili flavor = delicioso. This crisp, lighter color ale is not too hot, with just perfect pepper taste all the way through with a light citrus finish, and hints of malt. The malt is light but the chili’s aren’t over the top either so it works. The balance between the two is key. 

I did not have any food with it, but I can only imagine how it would enhance the flavor of fish tacos with cabbage or spicy enchiladas. 

Amicas Pizza & Microbrewery
136 E. 2nd St. Salida, CO 81201 (719) 539-5219

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