Twisted Pine’s Billy’s Chilies

If you follow BeerSnobChick, you may have noticed a post here or there about chili beer. I love it. If a brewery or pub has it, I’m going to try to. So I’m going to make a pretty bit statement here. Twisted Pine Brewery out of Boulder, Colo. makes the most fantastic chili beer, Billy’s Chilies. 

It’s a light-bodied ale, bit of copper in color, with a really great chili aroma. Billy’s Chilies is infused with serrano, habenero, jalapeno, Anaheim and Fresno chilies, you may think it would burn your face off – but the chili flavor is not overpowering at all. Just enough kick to say, “Ohmygosh, this is amazing!” with a slight, slight hint of hops. 5% ABV. Obviously this is going to be fantastic with spicy food. I made green chili (which obviously sparked the purchase). 

Twisted Pine Brewing
3201 Walnut Street, Suite A
Boulder, CO 80301

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