Upslope Brewing

I dig me some good beer. I really dig me some beer that I can take to the mountain and be as environmentally conscience as I can be (pack it in, pack it out). This is one (of many) reasons Upslope Brewing has become one of my favorites. After telling myself time and time again to stop in to the Upslope tap room, I finally did. Since I’ve tried all their regular canned beers, I went for the rarities, the seasonals … I sure didn’t go wrong!

Without even a slight hesitation, I went for the Pumpkin Ale. Brewed with pumpkins from a local patch, this smooth, sweet (but not too sweet), caramelized, cinnamony, mild hoppy ale brought out the coveted flavors of pumpkin pie (also notes of nutmeg, clove and ginger), not bad for 6.4 ABV. The only bummer, they ran out … but thank goodness I got the last sample. Another of their specials was the Black IPA. This dark, extra hoppy IPA will sooth you craving for hops, as it did mine. Really fantastic combination of malt and hops kept me going back, 7.2 ABV.

Upslope’s regulars include the Pale Ale, IPA, Brown Ale and Pilsner (all sold in cans). The Pale Ale started all the shenanigans at Upslope. It is a clear, crisp, dry pale ale that is very refreshing. ABV: 5.8. The IPA is one of my favorite IPAs; medium body, copper in color, bold and bitter – the way I like ’em.  7.2 ABV. Now the American Brown Ale is where my love affair of Upslope started. This medium-bodied ale, 6.7 ABV is dark brown with flavors of chocolate, toffee, and a nose of coffee is my first choice for boating excursions. Let’s just say, I’m not the only one hooked on it. 

Upslope doesn’t bottle, cans only. 

Upslope Brewing
1501 Lee Hill Road, #20
Boulder, CO 80304

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