Woods Boss Brewing Company

What better way to spend an afternoon than sampling beers! Headed to Woods Boss Brewing, while I’ve been there before, I love the atmosphere and ambiance – all woodsy and outdoorsy feeling.

The Oswals (Full O’ Hops) is a super hazy New England style IPA with 7.1% ABV with 10 pounds of rolled oats and almost 5 pounds of hops per barrel and incredibly fruity IPA.

One For the Dogs is a coffee sweet stout at 5.7% ABV. It’s smooth and roasty loaded with milk sugar and cold-pressed coffee – rich and smooth as a cup of coffee. Yum!

Fruity Flash is a sour ale at 5.3% ABV. It’s kettle soured with blackberries and pineapple. It’s bright, tart and even red like a delightful sunset.

While there are so many, many more. Go check out Woods Boss Brewing. Kick back on one of their leather couches and talk about the mountains, hikes and climbing!


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