Drätz Brewing In Loveland, CO Opening in July

Committed, Passionate and Inspired to celebrate the art of Craft Beer, Drätz Brewing Company will finally open this July at 965 East 11th St. Loveland, CO.

Specializing in American, German and Belgian style ales and lager, it will serve 8 regular craft beers on tap as well as limited edition experimental specialty and seasonal beers.

These include American Traditionals such as:

  • KD Kölsch- A mild German Ale with a light body, pale color and a slightly assertive hop bitterness. A unique style that is fermented with ale yeast but then finished with lagering resulting to an easy drinking pale that finishes crisp and clean. 5% ABV
  • Zephaniah Pale Ale- The American version of an English Bitter, Zephaniah is a good balance between malt and hops. It is fruity and estery with some crystal malt providing a bit of residual sweetness. 6.1% ABV
  • Quad Hop IPA-American Indian Pale Ale loaded with Amarillo, Cascade, Centennial and Glacier hops added with multiple intervals during the boil and generously dry hopped for a lovely hop aroma. 6.9% ABV
  • Ole John IBA- A collision between an American IPA and an American Brown Ale. Ole John IBA gives you the best of both worlds starting off with caramel and chocolate malt characteristics finishing with a generous hop bitterness. 6.8% ABV
  • Abraham Oatmeal Stout- With a perfect blend of Munich, Chocolate and Roasted malts, Abraham provides a chocolate-like roasted flavor with the smooth and rich body and mouth feel from adding oats to the mash. 5.6% ABV

Year Round Specialty Beers:

  • Elvina Double IPA- A beer that is truly a labor of love. Elvina is a Double Indian Pale Ale that is hopped in multiple intervals to provide a high complexity of hop bitterness, aroma and flavor. 8.7% ABV
  • Josias Belgian Dubbel -A strong and dark Belgian-style ale with a malty sweetness and low hop profile. Complex and fairly ohigh alcohol Josias imparts chocolate, dark fruit, and/or burnt caramel qualities as well a truly unique flavor profile provided by touch of star anise. 7.5% ABV
  • Dräkken Baltic Porter – A full bodied and smooth porter aged on oak with a sweet malty character and low complex alcohol flavors. With additional complex flavors such as dark fruit, toffee and currant, Dräkken is sure to please. 8.9% ABV

For it’s Grand Opening, it will be introducing a Limited Edition RAW Pineapple and Rosemary Saison 7.5% ABV. RAW Ale is beer brewed without boiling the wort. Brewing raw leaves all of the proteins in the beer that is ultimately lost during the boiling process. This increases mouth feel and head retention as well as put more focus on the flavor of the grains. The hops are not boiled but added directly to the mash with the grains which provides a mild hop flavor and aroma, perfect for a farmhouse style ale.

The brewery is inspired by the family history of its Founder and CEO Kerry Drake, thus several beers are named after family members starting from Josias Drätz.

Born in 1656 in Amsterdam, Holland, (a region and former province on the western coast of the Netherlands) Josias Drätz had immigrated to the colony of New Amsterdam which we now know of Manhattan, New York. Shortly after arriving in New Amsterdam, England had won the Anglo Dutch war and started moving English settlers into the Dutch colony. To avoid harassment from the English moving into the settlement, Josias started to search for another name to sound less Dutch. The Drätz name was eventually dropped and changed to Drake (which the family goes by today).

Great family stories along with a great line of beer, the brewery is located at the back of Jax Mercantile just across Home Depot, off the busy Highway 34 that runs through the heart of Loveland.

Grand Opening Weekend this July will be announced shortly as they are in the final stage of planning and providing fun and exciting weekend with a guest food truck on site, entertainment and of course great beer!

So be sure to check out their website: https://dratzbrewing.com or like and follow them at their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/dratzbrewery

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